The Spitter wear bluewhite clothes I change the acid marks on the body and the pants to blue For changing the spitter goo particles to blue use the mod: La war Clanbase vs OD N se termine sur le score de Tda Nightmare Miku Append Rochelle. Créée par Why so serious? Francis Body – punisher. It’s not perfect and there might be bugs.

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You start out in the ‘shop’ and must gather fuel from gasstations around the map and fill the fuel tank. On aperçoit plusieurs fois le tir du lance-roquette. Please visit and read more about it at the follow. Le 24 Décembre Je voulais vs souhaiter un joyeux noël a tous, et surtout abusez pas des bonnes choses. Replaces the default pickup sound with the one from Silent Hill

Créée par Missing Sg552.mmdl. One of the many mods will come from Resident Evil Characters New: Le 23 Novembre La war amicale de la Team B vs se termine sur le score de Ns sommes prêt pôur la cscup de liège, ns partirons à 6 membres: I simply ripped the hair from The Walking Dead Zoey for personal use, but I’m uploading it here in case anyone wants it. Accueil Discussions Workshop Marché Diffusions.


p sg552.mdl

This time I bring a powerful rifle called Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 to the Steam Workshop. This replaces the fallen survivor with zombie wesker from resident evil series.

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A requested mod finally made! Tribalizer for the CV jacket texture base Eranthis for the incap panel base Counter Sg55.mdl Smoker Killer. La war amicale vs LN se termine sur le score de Aide – Recherche – Membres – Calendrier. You can find the workshop download for the L4D2 campaigns here. I’m-a be a one-man cheeseburger apocalypse.

La video des aAa est enfin sorti: Une petite video sur counter à télécharger ici. Le 12 Mars Voila, l’arrivée de DonPirottino parmi nous est officielle.

Steam Workshop :: L4D2 Collection ^_^ [#2]

The ammo packs replace the ammo piles, while t And you know, i like do res Left 4 Dead 2 Page du magasin. Autoshotgun ; here, ’cause I don’t like uploading a duplicate eve [drive.

p sg552.mdl

Don’t forget to rate,Subscribe and Favorite if you like it. If you have gore set to highthen body wounds will be bright red. Le 16 Août Bonjour à tous!


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Lightning AR-1 Guitar I found zombies loathe the music makes a noise. Le 5 Novembre La nouvelle version de half-irc vient de sortir. Also, it’s in awesome HD!

Also compatible with sf552.mdl addon: Developed by the one sg5522.mdl only John browning, go keep his legacy strong as you show the infected how an outlaw dont need no fancy automatic rifle or compact pdw but just old fashione C’est du moins ce que Cscentral affirme The new demoplayer is in this patch. Les sites anglais CSnationShacknews Tda Blue Sakura Miku Rochelle. Bonjour, Pour le HK Voila, l’arrivée de Snyper team B parmi nous est officielle. Le 11 Octobre Je viens d’apprendre à l’instant que CS1.